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As long standing investors in emerging tech companies, we’ve noticed a handful of recurring topics that consistently interest founders and company leaders. Cypress Points reflects our views on those topics. We also share here the latest developments at our portfolio companies and at our firm.

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Legal Sifter
| Portfolio News
LegalSifter Receives Growth Investment, Successfully Exits Cypress Portfolio

We are proud to announce that LegalSifter, a Cypress Fund III portfolio company, has received a significant outside equity investment and successfully exited our portfolio, two and a half years after our initial investment.

| Blog
The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

Mathematician John Allen Paulos’ famous saying was validated this month with the turmoil from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the associated uncertainty that rippled through the tech world. Much has been tweeted, written, and even legislated about SVB. But in the rush to offer “hot takes” on banking, venture capital and government oversight, the most notable constituency minimized in the discussion has been emerging tech companies themselves. How will the fallout impact them?

Cloud Radial Jeff Farris Saffie Farris 970
| Portfolio News
How Jeff Farris is Guiding Growth at CloudRadial, a ‘First Mover’ Startup

The Dallas company just snagged a $3 million investment from Cypress Growth Capital, positioning the 5-year-old ‘client services automation’ platform for IT Managed Service Providers to ramp up its global sales and marketing efforts. (Written by Glen Hunter, Executive Editor, Dallas Innovates)

Cloudradial logo
| Cypress News
Cypress Growth Capital Invests in CloudRadial

$3 million Non-Dilutive Growth Funding for Client Services Automation SaaS Provider

Thumbnail Dialexa
| Portfolio News
Cypress Portfolio Company Dialexa Acquired by IBM

Congratulations to Co-Founders Scott Harper and Mark Haidar and the team at Dialexa on their acquisition by IBM. Cypress was an early investor in Dialexa, providing non-dilutive growth capital to the Dallas-based digital product engineering services firm in May of 2016.

HTX Labs Logo
| Cypress News
Cypress Growth Capital Invests in HTX Labs

$3.2M Non-Dilutive Growth Funding for Immersive Learning Software and Services Company

SHUM 220901 TX 1097
| Cypress News
Cypress Growth Capital Expands Investment Team

Tech Entrepreneur Vincent Hsieh Brings Extensive Start-Up Experience

Screen Shot 2022 07 12 at 5 30 50 PM
| Blog
You Can’t Steal Second With Your Foot on First

In baseball, if you want to steal a base, it’s essential to “step out” a few extra paces to get a good jump on the pitcher. It can feel uncomfortable or risky. Sometimes taking growth capital can feel like that.

Thumbnail Cypress Points
| Blog
Welcome to Cypress Points!

As investors, we spend a lot of time with the founders of emerging companies. Since 2010, we’ve noticed a handful of recurring topics that interest this special group of people.