Non-Dilutive Growth Capital

In 2010, we pioneered non-dilutive growth capital specifically tailored to the unique funding needs of emerging software and services companies. We built our investment firm to support entrepreneurs who want to preserve their valuable equity, control their destiny, and who believe their company is poised for great success.

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Bridging to Success Non-dilutive growth capital from Cypress can be a bridge to a later equity raise at a higher valuation...or even to an exit
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How It Works

An alternative to equity, royalty-based growth capital provides funding in exchange for a fixed percentage (the royalty rate) of your company’s future monthly revenues. The actual dollar amount you pay each month adjusts with your company’s revenue performance. The terms are simple: when the sum of the monthly royalty payments reaches a pre-determined cap, the obligation is complete.

Cypress structures each investment as flexible, long-term debt with the following entrepreneur-friendly features:
  • No fixed term
  • No minimum payment requirements
  • No balloon or lump sum payments
  • No restrictive conditions
  • No personal guarantees
  • Available in customized tranches to best suit your capital needs

Use Cases

Cypress provides capital to fuel the growth of your business in a variety of scenarios:

  • As a bridge to a future equity round, likely at a higher valuation
  • As a bridge to a future sale of the business, allowing you to preserve ownership and financial value
  • As acquisition capital to finance the cash component of a transaction
  • Or simply as growth capital for the business owner who desires funding that does not require giving up substantial equity and control
The right amount of capital, at the right time, in the right form

As both a debt and equity investor, we can be your partner through multiple stages of growth.