Companion Equity

Our holistic capital solution provides the right amount of capital at the right time. A combination of flexible debt and select equity investments ensures our entrepreneurs have access to growth capital at each phase of their growth cycle.

Hero equity des
Cypress’ willingness to provide both debt and equity to LegalSifter gave us more flexibility in our capital raise. Cypress’ equity investment signaled their confidence in our team and our business. Photo02 2x Kevin Miller CEO

A Combined Approach

Cypress can provide select equity investments alongside our core royalty based financing to give our portfolio companies access to additional capital, but with far less dilution.

  • More capital, less dilution
  • Increased alignment and incentives
  • Lower blended cost of capital
  • More upfront investment to accelerate growth

Follow-On Investment

Our form of non-dilutive capital is often used as a bridge to a more traditional growth equity round. We develop strong, trusted relationships with our portfolio companies. As trusted partners, Cypress has, in select cases led or participated in our companies’ next phase of growth.