Cypress Leads $8.5M Series A Equity and Royalty Debt Investment in HANDLE Global

We are pleased to announce our investment in HANDLE Global, a provider of healthcare capital equipment supply chain software and fulfillment solutions. The $8.5 million total investment includes both equity and non-dilutive capital to fuel HANDLE’s growth in the private and government healthcare delivery sectors. Joining Cypress in the funding were both new and existing investors from HANDLE’s prior seed round.

Founded in 2013 and based in Louisville, Kentucky, HANDLE’s flagship product is a healthcare-specific Capital Cycle Management software platform (CCM®) that dramatically improves capital equipment lifecycle planning, procurement and asset utilization. CCM® is the first capital operating system in an area of healthcare with $150 billion in annual spend and over $1 trillion in asset market value. In addition to the CCM® software, HANDLE also offers hospitals a B2B marketplace to source and sell healthcare capital equipment.

The Cypress investment provides both non-dilutive royalty-based capital as well as growth equity. “Cypress' ability to provide non-dilutive growth capital as well as lead our Series A and advise us as a member of our board was a powerful combination,” said Kyle Green, HANDLE's co-founder and CEO. "Their investment marks a significant milestone in our journey to transform the healthcare supply chain and will empower us to expand our reach, enhance our product offerings, and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers."

Kyle Green Headshot

“Cypress’ ability to provide non-dilutive growth capital as well as lead our Series A equity round and serve on our board was a powerful combination.”

- Kyle Green, Co-Founder and CEO

“We are excited to be able to provide HANDLE the right balance of equity and non-dilutive debt capital to fuel their growth,” said Cypress Managing Director and HANDLE board member Vik Thapar. “With this funding, HANDLE can fully realize the market potential of CCM®, delivering their proven hospital capital supply chain expertise to a segment of the healthcare market in need of innovative solutions,” added Thapar.

The capital will be used to continue to enhance CCM® and accelerate growth investments in sales and marketing.

You can find additional information about the investment here.