The Cypress Advantage

Preserve Equity and Control

Because it is structured as highly flexible debt, royalty-based growth capital from Cypress preserves your company’s equity. It is an ideal source of capital for bridging to a future equity round that will likely be at a higher valuation. Or, for the business owner who wants to keep his or her company closely held, our capital is a practical, attractive financing alternative that does not require a liquidity event for success. Listen to entrepreneurs describe how they preserved their valuable equity.

Flexible, Patient and Entrepreneur-Friendly

We structure our investments as long-term debt, but with no fixed loan term, no minimum payment requirements, no restrictive conditions and no personal guarantees. The actual dollar amount your company pays each month fluctuates with your revenue performance, providing a flexible and adaptive payment structure well suited to emerging companies and friendly to your cash flow. The terms are simple: when your royalty payments reach a pre-determined cap, the obligation is complete. There is never an onerous, one-time balloon payment or a looming loan end-date, either of which can overwhelm an emerging business.

More Than Just Capital

The Cypress team has extensive operating and entrepreneurial experience. We understand capital strategy. We provide helpful and impartial guidance when you request it. Because we maintain a disciplined investment focus on software and technology enabled services companies, we understand the unique operating levers and dynamics of your situation. Our team’s collective contacts, experience and strategic perspective are available for your benefit. Listen to our portfolio company CEOs discuss the value the Cypress team brought to them.

A Track Record of Successful Partnerships With Entrepreneurs

Since 2010, Cypress has completed more than two-dozen, multi-million dollar royalty-based investments in software and technology-enabled services companies just like yours. Fueled by Cypress’ growth capital and assisted by our experienced team, the entrepreneurs with whom we’ve partnered have flourished and achieved their goals. With more than $100,000,000 of capital under management, across three royalty investment funds, Cypress is a trusted and proven partner.


About Us

Since 2010, Cypress Growth Capital has completed dozens of multimillion-dollar royalty investments in software and technology-enabled services companies.


Royalty-Based Growth Capital

Cypress Growth Capital has refined a royalty-based investment approach that is specifically tailored to the unique financing needs of emerging companies.


Success Stories

We bring more than just capital to the companies in which we invest. We have extensive operating and entrepreneurial experience in software & services companies.


Investment Focus

Unlike a traditional equity investment, extraordinary growth projections and market opportunity are not prerequisites for royalty-based growth capital.