Cypress Growth Capital Invests in Vision2 Systems

Cypress Growth Capital is pleased to announce our recent investment in Vision2 Systems, an online giving platform specifically designed for churches.

Based in Dallas, TX, Vision2 is a comprehensive and modern giving solution for effective stewardship that helps churches virtually connect with their congregation in the same engaging, welcoming way they would in person. The company’s offering increases donations to the church by establishing trust with donors via customizable content, personalized service, consistent look-and-feel, and demonstrable impact. Vision2 supports web, text, and mobile giving by donors, plus effortless scanning of checks, envelopes, and more, for single or multi-campus churches.

“We chose Cypress Growth Capital because of their appealing, non-dilutive financing approach,” said Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Carl Tierney. “Their experience in building tech-enabled services companies like ours was equally attractive," added Co-Founder and Chief Executive Paul Baldwin.

The $2.8M growth capital infusion will be used primarily for sales expansion and product enhancements.

“Vision2 is a fast growing company led by industry veterans," said Cypress Managing Director Vik Thapar. “They value their equity and know their company will increase in value as they grow. Our equity-preserving funding approach was a good match for their needs."