Cypress Growth Capital Invests in PEC360

Cypress Growth Capital is pleased to announce our investment in PEC360, a provider of healthcare-specific patient engagement software and related services.

Founded in 2009 and based in Charleston, South Carolina, PEC360 improves patient health outcomes and provider reimbursements through its proprietary patient engagement platform. The company’s offerings include AI-enabled appointment scheduling, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for follow-up interactions and a patient engagement services center for providers who prefer to enhance or outsource certain patient engagement processes.

New healthcare reimbursement models, such as value-based care, reward providers who keep patients engaged in their own wellness by adhering to appointment schedules and treatment protocols. PEC360's solutions make patient and provider engagement more seamless while allowing healthcare providers to recover revenue that would have otherwise been lost due to canceled and no-show appointments.

“At this stage of our growth, we wanted an experienced and helpful investor to capitalize on the opportunity in value-based care,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chris Brunson. "Non-dilutive growth capital gives us the fuel to expand, and the Cypress team provides us with the know-how and practical experience to help us scale our company.”

“As we got to know the PEC360 team and learned about their solutions, particularly their AI-enabled software, it was clear they were offering a differentiated approach to helping providers better connect with their patients,” said Cypress Partner Pat McCaffrey. “We look forward to working with Chris and his team to help realize their ambitions for the company.”

The capital will be used primarily for enterprise sales, customer success and engineering initiatives.