Cypress Growth Capital Invests in Barn Owl

Cypress Growth Capital is pleased to announce our recent investment in Barn Owl, a Colorado Springs-based hardware and SaaS company that provides AI-enabled, camera-based remote monitoring solutions to ranchers, municipalities, and the military.

Founded in 2016, Barn Owl monitors remote assets and resources within an integrated hardware and software platform. Customers include military bases, ranchers, construction companies, municipalities, wildlife preserves, and government agencies. Barn Owl’s embedded AI intelligently detects specific objects and events, maximizing response effectiveness while minimizing erroneous alerts. Their products are uniquely tailored for areas where traditional security systems may not be feasible due to environmental conditions or lack of infrastructure.

“Beyond just capital, we were seeking a partner who could provide guidance and support based on experience leading and building industrial tech companies,” said Josh Phifer, Barn Owl’s Founder and CEO. “Cypress offered exactly that, as their partners bring decades of relevant experience that will be valuable as we evolve and scale our products and customer base.”

Cypress Partner Vincent Hsieh noted Josh's credentials as a key factor in the investment. “With his background as a rancher, Air Force officer, and director at the Air Force-MIT AI Accelerator, no one is better suited than Josh Phifer to lead Barn Owl. We are excited to work with Josh and the leadership team as they expand in the agriculture, municipal, and military sectors while growing into new markets where remote monitoring is vital.”

Cypress’ non-dilutive growth capital will be invested in sales and marketing initiatives and product enhancements.