1. Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Growth?

      I had the good fortune to begin my career at what is now Accenture. When I joined in 1982, it was the Management Information Consulting Division of Arthur Andersen & Co. The company evolved, rebranding itself first to Andersen Consulting, and then eventually Accenture. The firm changed more than just their name over the years, they evolved their business from information consulting roots, t…Read More

  2. Is Big Funding Necessary for Entrepreneurial Success?

    Madwire Co-Founders JB and Joe Kellogg. Their company has reached $100M in annual revenue with minimal outside investment. Crunchbase recently published a list of 50 Successful Companies With Minimal Funding. Among the better-known names on the list are You Tube, Trip Advisor, Tableau Software, and Kickstarter. One of Cypress' portfolio companies, Madwire, is also on the list. All of the selected …Read More