1. Cypress Growth Capital Continues to Invest in Local Companies Despite Economic Downturn

    Overcoming adversity is a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey, but the current recession is severely testing the fortitude, creativity and resiliency of all companies, especially emerging ones. Over the past decade, Cypress Growth Capital has invested in a dozen software and services companies in the Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex. All faced challenges of varying difficulty and severity, but…Read More

  2. The Value of Founders’ Equity

    At a recent lunch, one of our portfolio company CEOs shared an alarming example of what happens to entrepreneurs who don’t appropriately protect their founders’ equity. A friend of his had sold an ad tech company for more than $100M. Big success, right? Depending on whom you ask, three quarters of venture-backed companies fail to return investor capital, much less make their founders rich. One…Read More