Arthur Fox
Senior Advisor

Arthur is a nationally recognized authority on royalty financing. He brings an impressive track record in venture investing, entrepreneurial business growth and technology development. He advises our firm on all aspects of royalty financing. Arthur co-founded Royalty Capital Fund I in 1992 and Royalty Capital Fund II in 1995, the first successful venture capital funds in the United States to employ a unique, royalty financing investment methodology that he conceived. A successful entrepreneur, Arthur was a principal and co-founder of three technology companies: Octek Inc., Lexidata Corp., and Medicel Inc. Octek’s and Lexidata’s investors received a substantial return on their investment when Octek was acquired by a Fortune 500 company and Lexidata conducted a successful IPO. He has been a mentor and close business advisor to numerous new and emerging companies. Arthur holds an MSEE degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a BSEE degree from the University of Maryland.